Critical thinking

Overview: Write a 2- 3 page paper that summarizes and synthesizes ideas from the content units we’ve

covered in class this semester.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Learning Area Student Learning Outcome



Demonstrate content knowledge by answering questions about specific content (subject matter)

from units studied and incorporate this knowledge when speaking or writing about the content


Reading Preview a textbook chapter to successfully predict content and organization, annotate several

paragraphs in a textbook to locate and identify essential elements, including topic, main idea, topic

sentences, details and transitions, paraphrase an article by restating main ideas, and outline an

article or section of a textbook to highlight the relationship between ideas and their relative


Writing write papers that utilize one or more critical thinking skill (i.e. summarizing, responding evaluating,

and synthesizing).

Note-taking Listen for the relationship between ideas, structural clues, main ideas and key words. Use symbols,

abbreviations, and a system of hierarchy. Utilize a note-taking system such as the Cornell method.

Language Use appropriate language to support summary response, evaluation, and synthesis, and for polite

requests in spoken and written communication.




Demonstrate the ability to identify the features and language characteristics of summary response,

evaluation and rhetorical thought patterns and be able to organize ideas in communication using

these patterns.

Important Dates:

● Paper Assigned ___________________

● Paper Due ___________________

Topic: In this unit, we have focused on the topic of media literacy as it relates to social media. In this paper,

you will choose a company or organization, examine and critique their social media presence and respond by

recommending a future course of action. Your paper should integrate ideas (quotations, paraphrases, and/or

summaries) from at least two sources in this unit. The goal is to demonstrate that you understand the main

points of each source and can apply the critical thinking skills of evaluation, response and synthesis by making

connections between sources and integrating your own ideas to formulate a recommendation.


Step 1: Choose a company

● Choose a company that has a strong message on social media.

Step 2: Analyze their social media

● Analyze this company’s social media message

Step 3: Write a critique

● Critique the social media message using principles of media literacy discussed

Step 4: Synthesize and Respond

integrate ideas (quotations, paraphrases, and/or summaries) from at least two sources in this unit.

I have chosen the company and the articles from the

Please use these two videos analyze.

Articles: (Two sources from the unit)




THE OLD VIDEO: “Bus Stop (long)” (You Can’t Beat The Feeling!) 1990 Coca-Cola Werbung Commercial (Matt LeBlanc)

THE NEW ADVERTISMENT Taste the Feeling – Sri Lanka (English)

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