With the revision for Essay 4, we will be incorporating 3 additional sources that you will be in charge of finding. With this assignment, we will get started on our research.

Step 1:

We already practiced some research so far in our course, but below are some reminders about ways to research. Please click on each link and read through the information carefully.

Tackling Writing Anxiety (Links to an external site.)

Step By Step Guide to Research (Links to an external site.)

Taking Notes As You Research (Links to an external site.)

Evaluating Internet Sources (Links to an external site.)

Step 2:

Watch the following video that will help you when evaluating your sources.

Step 3:

Conduct a search on the banned books on both Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) and Cuyamaca College’s Library Databases (Links to an external site.). Remember to use key words and terms and try different searches to get the widest variety of information possible.

Step 4:

Complete the worksheet below. Remember that this is just the start of our research. We will be working to find even more sources during the week.

Beginning Project 4 Research .docx

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