1. Use the Stress Management Model to analyze yourself as related to stress. In your stress and coping autobiography, you will likely discuss both past and current experiences. This assignment will require you to think deeply about your own past and current experiences with stress and coping. Before writing the paper, you will also interview at least two individuals who know you very well. You will ask them to comment on the way they have observed you experience stress. How do they think your personality, behaviors, habits, life decisions, relationship skills, have caused you to both increase and decrease your stress. Perhaps they may also want to comment on how your patterns have changed over time or during certain life events. You may also want to refer to what these individuals have told you in your paper. You will write your paper in four sections:
  • Analyze the SOURCES of your stress in your life within these 3 categories:
  • Relations (family, friends, work, general public, etc.)
  • Personal Behaviors (major life events, daily hassles, time management, etc.)
  • Thoughts (personality, distorted thinking, self-esteem, etc.)
  • Analyze what assets you have to RESIST the stress response in your life
  • health, diet, fitness, sleep, etc.
  • Discuss what you have tried to LOWER YOUR AROUSAL levels during times of stress including various relaxation approaches. What has worked and what has not worked?
  • Finally, describe what changes you will make in the future, based on what you have learned, to personally manage your stress.

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