Final Resume. You have received important feedback on your resume draft from your instructor. Using the suggestions for improvement, make changes/updates and submit as a final assignment.

*Contact Information-Please make the font smaller.

*Objective-Do not use. This is outdated.

*Education-Do not provide Fraternity information in the Education section. You can create a Leadership section and provide information about the fraternity and list a few bullet points about your role. Do not provide high school information.

*Experience-Use Professional Experience. Please fix the spacing in this section. Everything is too spaced apart. When you provide your job titles you must also provide the company name, city, and state. Also use 2-3 bullet points of job duties.

Skills-Change to Technical Skills and move this section. This should be underneath the Education section.

Activities-Do not provide this information. Please keep in mind this is a professional resume for your dream job.

This is a nice start Cameron! Please delete the icons and do not use color

My rough draft resume is in the file

Chapter 3 to help-…

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