Final Analysis on Dark Tourism:(3-5 pages): Due one week after classes end, this is another reading analysis paper that will focus on a “Dark Tourism” article. Articles will be posted in the Dark Tourism section of “Additional Readings”. You will use the same template but will be expected to demonstrate your comprehension of course materials by referring to relevant discussions and readings from earlier points in the semester.

Please use the template.

Reading Analysis Assignment Template

Fall 2019


There are so many more aspects to the Work of the Dead and the Work of the Living that we could cover in this course! This assignment gives you the opportunity to explore a different topic than one we’ve covered, or to dig more deeply into something that sparked your interest. From the “Additional Readings” section on Brightspace, choose one article to read and analyze using this template.

  • 3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font
  • Your analysis should address the following questions in order.
  • Paragraph form is preferred
  • Please use the questions as headings.
  • What is the author’s thesis?
  • Map or outline the article
  • What are the basic points the author is making to support or argue their thesis?
  • How is the author supporting those points (theories, other thinkers, case studies?)
  • What weaknesses does the author acknowledge in their thesis and how do they address them?
  • Are there weaknesses in the thesis that the author DOES NOT address?

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