FINAL PAPER: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW You have been asked to follow up your original TED Talk, because it was successful. You will expand on your original paper, going into more detail than before. Think about what you’ve written/spoken about in your prior TED Talk, and build on it. What points would you focus on in greater detail? How do you plan on doing this? Create a Formal Outline, and explain what elements you will be expanding on for this paper. Your Outline will be attached to the FINAL draft of the paper, as well as Part One of your Project. Your Final drafts will be at least five to seven (upwards of eight) pages in length, double spaced. MLA FORMAT IS REQUIRED. WORKS CITED PAGE(S) REQUIRED. A Cover Page will be required for the Final Draft ONLY. (The Cover page should have the following information placed in the CENTER of the page: Title of paper; your last name, first name; date of the paper due; Course number (ENC 1101); Time of course) You must all new sources and databases for this paper. DO NOT USE PREVIOUS SOURCES. Vary your sources- these can include charts, statistics, graphs, journal articles, YT videos (CREDIBLE), magazines, vlogs, blogs, podcasts, etc. Use the databases provided through the college library catalog (such as Opposing Viewpoints in Context & Issue and Controversies). Some online papers/sources you can include but are not limited to: CNN, BBC World News, MSNBC, AI Jazeera (broadcast news sources); NY Times, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Washington Post, LA Times, ATL Journal and Constitution, The Miami Herald (or any credible Florida based paper), Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, (Jackson) Clarion Ledger, The Guardian (UK), The Independent (UK), (London) Times, Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Miami New Times, Dallas/Houston/San Antonio (TX) based, Philadelphia (PA) based, Washington, D.C. based, Boston based, etc.

I will send you the part one and the rough draft.

The part one include: a thesis statement, an essay outline, a work cited. This is just for you To know more about my project , you will need to modify it with the changes you made on the final.

The rough draft is for you to get ideas but the Final can’t be exactly the same so I will send you what I have and you work with it to make it better and more detailed.

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