For this assignment you are to select a graphic means to work with to internalize the content regarding theories you’ve addressed in EDMG 5214, organize the content in a meaningful way, and show your integrative understanding of the theories individually and as a group of perspectives that can be used to explain the behavior of young adolescents with which you work.

You should include a minimum of five theories on your graphic organizer from each of the following domains of adolescent growth: 1) motivation, 2) learning, and 3) personal, social, and emotional development in addition to a well-considered rationale for including the particular theory in the organizer. Besides choosing an appropriate graphic organizer you should identify the theory, give a thorough explanation of its important points, correctly classify the domain to which it belongs, and provide examples/applications of the theory in action (both middle-school-based and to the out-of-school lives of young adolescents

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