Choose ONE of the following questions and write a 550-800 word essay. This essay will count as Essay #1; however, you will have the opportunity to revise the essay for a better grade.

Please note: I included a picture of the Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler, because it would likely be a part of my answer to several of these questions.

  1. What is one character that you have either read about or watched who changed your point of view on something? Explain.
  2. Do you agree with the video’s statement that many of our cultural ideas stem from fiction rather than fact? How so?
  3. Do you see humanity (or yourself) as a solitary hero/heroine or part of a shared quest? Why?
  4. Is there a story that you wish English teachers would include when teaching literature? Why?

My requirement: I chosed question#4, and I wish you can write George Owell’s 1984 and Totalitarianism as the story mentioned in question#4 . I have written one by myself, can you make it way better. here is mine:

It has been noticed that nowadays, people from different countries of society has been venting their mood of discontent and disappointment either by demonstration or violent means. For instance, on August 1st, 2019, There were large-scale of parades in almost 30 cities including London taking place in the U.K. for that the British people were protesting Prime Minister of U.K Boris’ proposition of recessing the Parliament. It is suggested that the defects in the political system will directly influence the stability of the society and people’s state of life, which is also important and significant to be discussed in literature lecture. 1984 ,written by English writer George Orwell, can be brought up to the lecture and be taught since this dystopian novel and the story from it not only adequately show the negative affect to people under the totalitarianism but also contributed to the world literature.

1984 is an long level related to politics, which described that in this fictitious stifling world, those in power were practicing highly centralized rule, at the same time, they falsified the history and created the new language called Newspeak. In order to fully control the mind of people at the bottom of the society, the IngSoc, which is the political party in office, created a virtual character “ Big Brother” in order to realize the cult of personality. In addition, personal emotion or mood is abandoned and the whole society is full of the telescreen which is used to monitor everyone. Under the totally inhuman and environment, people lost their freedom and humanity.

The Totalitarianism indicates that the social order is totally under controlled by the political power. As stated in the previous paragraph, private space has been compressed, and freedom has also been furthest limited. Totalitarianism crossed the line between countries and society so that every field of the society , no matter economy, military, education, and communication, are ruled by a only mass membership party, just like the IngSoc in the novel 1984. it is dreadful and scary when people’s thoughts and ideology were imprisoned by oppressions and brainwash. people has been treated as the metal wheel gear which is not alive, and all of the fears are pushed to work to run the big machine called Totalitarianism.

Back to the literature, 1984 has been widely accepted as the magnum opus of George Orwell, and it also has been translated to 62 different languages in the whole world. The thoughts of Dystopia have deeply influenced the Western society. Be related, Orwell also created some new words such as thoughtcrime, newspeak, doublethink, and Big Brother , which are all recorded in the dictionary. What’s more, the book 1984 also won the prize of Prometheus Hall of Fame Award.However, 1984 was regarded as a book with danger and inflammatory, and was abandoned in some countries. Therefore, 1984 has such a great influence on not only in the politics but also on the literature.

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