Answer following questions in 5+ sentences.

Your answers will be graded on:

– Answer content being appropriate to the question

– Quotes and/or references to the readings (where relevant). I am not particular about this as long as your answers display critical thinking and awareness of the issue in hand.

– Proofread before you submit. Random spelling/grammatical errors will be overlooked.Consistent errors will result in a penalty

– You may also refer to popular culture and/or your own experiences as you write.

  • This appeared a few months ago in the local newspaper.What thoughts do you have on this?
  • How does an emphasis on purity and virginity serve to control women’s sexuality and maintain patriarchy?
  • Disney films are often viewed as gendered/sexist/patriarchal to say the least.Read this short blog entry and offer your opinion with examples from movies you have watched.
  • In case you haven’t heard this, Peloton created an ad for their $3000 or so exercise bike.Many people have been outraged by the fitness politics the ad supports.Watch the ad here and also read the brief article – do you think?Is Peloton really to blame?Or is this just another version of cancel culture?
  • Have you ever watched John Oliver?He is a brilliant comedian who comments with evidence on his show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”This link has five brief clips from his show.Choose any one and offer your thoughts.
  • How do patriarchal norms constitute a threat to women’s health?
  • Do you think men and women of color have different experiences in the health care system? Is this a dangerous thing?
  • How can a family be both a place of comfort and security and at the same time a place of conflict and violence?
  • What conflicts do women face between work and family? What solutions can you offer to this? Or what alternatives can you offer to such a situation?
  • Is it possible to say that women or transgender folks can find a sense of identity through religion?Is it possible for the gender-fluid to find a home in religion?
  • Some feminists insist on calling acts of violence against women as hate crimes. Do you agree/disagree?Explain.
  • Why do you think violence against women is so pervasive in our society?
  • How do you think religion has been both empowering and oppressive for women?
  • This has been in the news in the past.Do you see it as problematic?

Answer any two of these questions. Follow the rules given for the above set of questions for maximum points.

  • Read and watch the clips on this link – Do you agree with the points this article brings up? Why or why not? Explain in detail.
  • The # Me Too movement has been in the news for a while now. The article on the following link takes a close look at it – What have you learned from this article? What does this movement mean to you? Is this a true revolution? Do you think all the men accused have not been treated fairly? Explain in detail.
  • Do you watch any reality tv? If so, what kind of sexual relationships do you see – heterosexual/homosexual and so on? How does race, social class, and sexual identity play a role
  • The growth of technology has created a new form for sexual expression – cybersex. You can create a persona, meet someone online and so on. Is this a safer form of sex? Does it create new problems such as isolation, harassment, addiction, and infidelity? What are the pros and cons? Discuss in detail

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