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You will examine visual arguments. Create your initial post by selecting a visual argument and answering the questions below. After you complete this post, you will need to revise and refine your responses to form the visual rhetoric assignment in your final portfolio.

  • Find a visual argument (text) related to your research topic/issue; it can be of any genre (political cartoon, advocacy ad, public service announcement, information graphic, political campaign ad, satirical video, etc.). Then, analyze the visual design of this text/argument using the design terms from the video lecture on visual rhetoric, and evaluate whether or not you find the visual argument to be rhetorically effective.


  • Introduce and describe the text (images, layout, words, etc.) before providing an analysis. This introduction should include who made the text, where it appeared, and when it appeared, if possible. (Tip: Try to choose a text where you can identify the author; this will help with the analysis.)
  • Analyze the text using appropriate rhetorical terminology (author, purpose, audience, text, context, ethos, pathos, logos) and design elements.
  • Offer a clear claim about whether or not the visual argument is effective. (Tip: Consider what the visual could have done better and why; often, this is an issue related to working with a particular audience.)
  • Include a link to the visual argument or insert/paste the visual in the DQ.
  • The written analysis/evaluation should be approximately 350 words. You should revise this post to and submit it as the visual rhetoric assignment in the portfolio.

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