Question 1.

Read the article “The Vulnerability of Nuclear Facilities to Cyber Attacks (Links to an external site.)”. With the knowledge gleaned from the course, create a mind map or diagram with your defense in depth approach to securing a nuclear power plant. Use your text and open research on the Internet to assist in building your approach. You must use NIST Special Publication (800-82), security controls to support your security approach.

Question 2.

Choose one of the following two topics.

  1. It is quite likely that many of us have experience with software firewall products. Discuss one software firewall product you have used or tried, and at least one good or bad thing you discovered about it.
  2. Briefly discuss the use of proxy servers and firewalls to secure a network. Many companies end up using both types of devices for network security, but proxy servers are typically more prone to compromises than firewalls. Discuss the benefits of using one over the other.

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