You need to choose a textile first from this link. You can write about step by step how you modified the textile which you choose and the use after modification. Not only can use on the clothes, and also can use on the furniture, indoor or any other items. Please go through the assignment instructions very carefully before you working on this order


  1. a) What was this textile’s traditional use?
  2. b) Whywasthistextileused?functionallyand/oraesthetically
  3. c) How would you use this textile in a ‘new’ way? Choose how your reimagining addresses: ethics,innovation/technology or creative expression (fashion/art/design).

Explore this textile in a ‘new’ way

a) Process documentation practically- sketching, image gathering, collaging, video, photos, writing, recording, virtual, digital…

process documentation- historically, ethnographically, scientifically, interviews…

b) Testing-thumbnailssizedsamples,rapidprototyping,conservationmethods,3-Dprinting, growing samples, recycling samples, written plan of researched testing procedures….

Reflection: The project is a written report the word count is extended (1500 words)

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