• Follow the requirements posted on the rubric.
  • Use the Word document that is located within the case study for your case study answers.
  • Papers are usually around 15 pages in length.
  • When the Word document is complete, upload it to the corresponding case study assignment and week’s dropbox in your clinical (665CX) course.

The file called Week 13 Suicide Case Study NU665 copy is a copy of my peer’s case study from last semester that she submitted. This should be used as a guide for what to choose for diagnoses and treatment options, but please ensure it is worded differently so that I do not get flagged for plagiarism when the document gets evaluated through Turn It In. As for medication treatment, please say that you would recommend Wellbutrin and give references why, because this medication does not have sexual side effects like some SSRIs do.

Thank you!

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