The assignment – tasks to complete for each part in Matlab

Tasks to do for the 5 days/3hour forecast.

You know how functions work. Webread is a function. It will have an input (the url) and an output. See examples in Matlab documentation. You may name the output any way you want. Once you run the function, pay close attention to this output variable. This output variable will contain 40 data packets (5 days every 3 hours). Each packet contains temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind speed amongst multiple other things for a particular day and time. You can click on it in the Workspace and navigate through the different components.

You will have to figure out how to extract each one of those variables (temperature, pressure, humidity and wind speed) separately for each packet.

Do this for 3 different cities in the world.

Hint: when you look at your output variable in the Workspace, it will look like a folder containing subfolder, which at the same time contain more subfolders. Image a folder called Tree that contains a folder called Branch, and Branch contains a folder called Leave. If I want to get the content in folder Leave starting from folder Tree, here is how I would do it:

x = Tree.Branch.Leave;

Once you do that, create four figures and plot each variable versus time. Use days as the unit for the x-axis. The units for the variable on the y-axis will be determine by the web source. You will have to look up what their units are.

As a result you will have 4 figures. One for temperature, one for pressure, one for humidity and one for wind speed.

Tasks for weather maps

Create two maps. One for clouds and one for precipitation. Use function imshow().

all the details are in the file, thanks

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