To summarize, the authors of your text point to four key aspects of social justice literacy: Recognizing unequal social power, which is negotiated at all levels, Understanding your own social position within these unequal relations. Thinking critically about knowledge, becoming an ally to make this society a more just society.

This essay will integrate your personal experiences with the theoretical framework of the book, to see how best your life becomes the starting point to reflect on how society can change. However, this exercise is not an essay about your opinions. It must draw upon chapter themes (socialization, oppression, sexism, racism, transphobia, class inequality, ally) to analyze what shapes your perspectives and beliefs.

Answer the three questions each question must be a page and please properly in text cite

  1. Critical events in life as a member of a group (biographical – eg: as a person of color /as LatinX/as working class/ as bisexual /as genderqueer person/as able – bodied/as immigrant etc. includes socialization process)
  2. Historical, institutional and cultural dimensions of the group (race, class, gender, class, sexuality) in US
  3. How can we address change? social justice education, positionality, ally etc

times new roman, 12+, apa format

my background for the questions I am a Hispanic Colombian female, lower middle class, heterosexual, able bodied, parents where immigrants

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