Each assignment in this course builds to a whole website on multiple devices, of which this assignment is the next step.

For this assignment, you will create another webpage for your website to implement a validated form element, use an event handler, and display an alert message to enhance its functionality using JavaScript. You are expected to document your process and submit both that reflection document and the zipped HTML website files to Blackboard. Be sure to keep your files within proper organization within the server directory (being sure to place all JavaScript processing in an external JavaScript file).

Documentation: Document your design process (approx. 100 – 150 words).

  • Describe the design decisions you made for the validated form and its code; then explain why you made those decisions.

Design: Use JavaScript to implement form validation by creating an HTML form (the new webpage) with at least one text field and use an event handler (example: Onblur) to check that the user has made a valid entry. Then display an alert message to inform the user if they have made an invalid entry. There should be a consistent look and feel among all of the webpages.

The webpage should include:

    • Form Element with a Validated Text Field

The JavaScript file should include:

    • Event Handler that Manages Validation
    • Alert Message for Validation Errors

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