Topic: Basic Web Application using Node Express and MySql database. General Instructions:

1. Install Node from the website. (Refer the link )

2. After installing, make sure npm is present by command npm -v else install it.

3. Download and install mysql from npm.

4. Download and install express from npm.

5. Create a database in mysql and add a table with five columns Sno (primary key), Name, Maths, Physics, Chemistry.

6. Insert few records for the table in mysql.

7. Create UI that has a text box for Name and submit button.

8. User can enter the name and clicks submit button.

9. Use the name attribute of the input to get the value from HTML to Express.

10. Take the name as a parameter and search for the records in the database that matches the given name. If there is no match, then return data not found.

11. If the records are present, then calculate the GPA of the student and return the result to the front end.

12. This result must be displayed below the submit button.

13. When the input is cleared, the result div must be cleared.

14. Feel free to use any styling for the page.

15. Use localhost as the server. (Can also use XAMPP tool for server) References: • Installing node • Basic of Node js with mySQL • Creating tables from command • Creating simple SQL commands • Using Node js with mysql db • Node js connection • To display data from mySQL to HTML Submission: • Zip file of the entire code folder. • Screenshots of Database Table. • Screenshot of webpage having the GPA result.

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