Please pick 2 of the 4 activities to complete for this assignment. Each activity should be a minimum of 2 pages yields 800 words (12 pt, 1” margins, double-spaced, and free of spelling/grammar issues) and that makes 4 pages total yielding 1,600 words in all for this assignment as your minimum requirement. Your title, name, and date should be a one line header as shown in this document.

1) New Leisure Activity

Select a leisure activity that you have never done before (but perhaps always wanted to) and try it! Write a summary of your experience. Include a description of the activity, and explain what you liked or did not like about it. Will you continue to participate? Why or why not? What did you learn about yourself through this experience?

Try the activity again, but invite two or more friends to join you. Did anything about the activity change? Did your feelings about the activity change when more people participated? Did your friends enjoy the activity? Write a summary of the experience, and include the opinions of the people you invited.

2) Scavenger Hunt Exercise

Explore your ONLINE Troy campus or any college campus near your location: For full credit you have to complete at least 12 of the following items. You mission is to find and provide details (costs, dates, instructions) for the following:

  • An individual class that you could take alone to become more physically fit
  • A team sport that is offered this semester that everyone in class could register for
  • A club sport developed in the past 5 years
  • A new leisure activity you have never participated in
  • An aquatics program offered in the mornings
  • A spring break trip
  • Hours of operation for the recreation center
  • The name of the recreation center’s director
  • The recreation center schedule of events
  • Web address for the recreation center
  • Web address for student programs
  • Schedule of events from student programs
  • Contact information for becoming a member of student programs
  • Name of the movie playing next Friday at the student union
  • One student organization you could join
  • Two clubs you could join
  • The next concert on campus
  • Two sororities or fraternities you could join
  • Six different pieces of equipment you can rent from campus recreation
  • Other programs or events specific to your campus

Add more details, restrictions, time constraints, and parameters to your specific campus as appropriate. Choose an upcoming activity or event that sounds interesting and tell us about it. This activity should be written in paragraph form.

3) Leisure for All Programming

Interview three of your classmates or friends/family about their leisure preferences. Identify their similarities and their differences regarding their active leisure pursuits as well as activities they might not engage in because of some type of constraint. Additionally, make note of their segments in society (e.g., men or women, race and ethnicity, cultural differences, LGBTQ). Compile your results and include in your report. Based on your interview research, identify the activities that are most different or constrained. Now, determine how a recreation professional might create a program to address those issues. Here are some things to consider: What would you do first? What discrimination issues or barriers are in place? What outcomes do you expect to achieve?

4) Video Reporting

Review these videos and choose one that resonates with you. These are all inspirational and educational regarding their respective programs. As you are introduced to the organization by the video, you are to research a little more about the program’s mission, locations, populations, and more. Prepare a 2 page report describing the specific details of the chosen program.

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