I uploaded the guidelines for this assignment. The assignment is Policy Brief- Topic is ubran issues – Homelessness in the United States. It is to be 1500-2500 words in length, typed and single-spaced. Your brief must include at least one table or figure(i.e. graph or map). In conducting your research, and writing your brief, you must consult and refer to at least (4) academic sources(i.e. peer-reviewed books, peer-reviewed journal articles, government-issued reports, non-governmental reports). As research is an important component of this assignment, you need to include a page listing all of the references you used in conducting your research(this page will not count towards the word limit). It is crucial to remember that when you consult sources, and use this information in your proposal, you MUST properly cite them(see Chapter 8 of this courseware.) If you have further questions please let me know! Thank you!

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