Your written work is not a research paper but an essay that shall allow you to freely develop your ideas. It shall be no longer than 9pages. Footnotes re not required but your paper should be supplied with a short bibliography.Be original,do not copy or plagiarize! Your own ideas and comments are much more valuable than just a selection of basic facts!

How to prepare your work:

1. Plan the structure of your work before you start writing;first prepare an outline or diagram of your ideas. More you read more thoughts should come to your mind.

2. Define your key objectives and write a paper statement; decide what is primary or secondary for your statement.

3. Write the body of your paper;present and develop arguments to match the paper statements; be clear and concise!

4. Write the introduction

5. Write the conclusion

6. Revise your paper and add the finishing touches

Topic: Enlightenment and the French Revolution

Kindly let me know the topic that will be more convenient for you


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