As a part of your assessment in ENGL3112 course, you are required to write a well-organized essay analyzing one element of fiction (Plot) in any of the following short stories.

Anton Chekhov ‘The Bet’’


1- The assignment should be written in the form of an essay with a title and four paragraphs (an introductory paragraph, 2- paragraph body, and a concluding paragraph) and references. the introductory paragraph should be about the element you are writing about in the story and about any related ideas. the introduction should also be clear about what you are writing in the body. I should introduce the ideas to follow.

700-1000 words

5 things should be done in the essay

– introduction

– body 1 about exposition

– body 2 about rising action + climax

– body 3 about falling action + resolutions

– conclusion

use the same story which i send

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