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“Presenting Your Business Idea” – attach is info on Business (All

Your business plan is now complete. Imagine you are in front of a group of investors to present your business idea and encourage them to invest in your company.

Create a PowerPoint with notes; no more than 10-12 slides. Your presentation should impress the investors and should be creative and interesting while including all the relevant information.

Please include:

  • Title page– name of the company, your name
  • Outline of what you do
  • Target market
  • Market size – how big is the market/ industry your are focusing on/ growth
  • Competition– key competitors
  • Your management team– who runs your business, roles, and key skills
  • Business model– how will you make money with this business
  • Financials– key information
  • The funding you are seeking
  • Why investors should invest in your business

Additional notes:

Check out the Shark Tank pitches for ideas on how to create a brief but compelling presentation of a business:

Part 2: Please review other students presentation attached, and give positive feedback. min of 150 words. Other student PowerPoint attached.

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