Develop an educational plan for one of two fictitious students provided. Using the state form complete the following pages of the IEP appropriately for the student chosen:

• Present Levels (PLOPs or PLEPs)

o PLOPs are completed for initial IEPs and annual reviews. When completing this page, include all areas that are impacted by the student’s disability: academic performance, social/emotional status, independent functioning, vocational, motor skills and speech and language communication. This may include strengths/weaknesses identified by those working with the student. Additionally, create a statement describing the effect of the student’s disability on involvement and progress in the general curriculum.

• Academic and Behavioral Goals and objectives/benchmarks

o Create meaningful annual goals and objectives for the student in response to the information provided evaluation descriptions. Provide only academic and behavioral goals formatted as SMART goals

• Educational Accommodations and Supports

o Specify consideration of special factors, supplementary aids, accommodations and modifications, support for school personnel (as appropriate) that are needed for the student to make progress toward annual goals and progress in the general education curriculum.

• Educational Services and Placement

o Provide an explanation of the extent to which the student will not participate in general education classes and activities through educational environment considerations and placement considerations.

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