competitive games ( pro banker report )

Bank treasury

Amount of interbank lending was 0, we changed it to 25000.

We got highest net income 1605.90 bhd.


Bank treasury

We changed nothing, amount of interbank lending is 25,000. Amount of interbank borrowing is also 25,000. 90 day wholesale deposits to issue is 0 and 180 day wholesale deposits to issue is 0. 360 day wholesale deposits to issue is 33000.

Assets other

We changed the target reserves for deposits from 0 to 25000. We also changed the provision for loss from 1 to 250. And we didn’t change the government bonds as the new 8- quarter bonds to purchase is 15,000 and the rest is 0.

Assets loans

We change the interest rate on business loans – fixed rate from 9.3 to 8.5. We also changed the interest rate spread on business loans- fixed rate from 4 to 3. We didn’t change the others and remained them the same.

Liabilities- deposits

We change the advertising for retail current account deposits from 410 to 820. We changed the advertising on saving account deposits from 140 to 280. Others remain the same

We got the highest income of 3 million

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