This is an essay final. You have a mini case. You will notice that it involves several issues from the very beginning of the class and it weaves issues you have studied. The case is very short and very realistic. It could be you in this setting. You may not write more than two pages. You do not need to do outside research but you can look up things to help you think it through. You only have three hours to finish. In Canvas, I can see the time you work on an assignment, I can see if you go out and come back in. This is an honor system test but I can verify your actual time spent working.

Once you read it, put yourself in the role of Andrea. You can start any time but you must be finished by May @ 11:59PM. There will be NO extensions without a doctors note. This is a test of your thinking based upon what you learned. To be Andrea, you will identify the issues she is facing and suggest a course of action. You must show your sensitivity to the needs of the customers, the company and even suppliers but you must provide a recommendation of what Andrea should do. You need to identify the issues that you see and articulate how they impact Andrea’s recommendation.

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