Please, you should have a great background in program management and health care. Otherwise, do not waste my time and yours!

This is a critical thinking assignment!

There is a case (7 Pages) that you must read before you answer these questions.

  • Please limit your write up to 3 pages, approximately 1100 words, 1.5 spacing, 12 point font. You can use bullet points in your response. There is no need to provide a narrative.
  • Please number the pages of your submission.


  1. The original case written in 2016 takes the reader back to the pilot of Project Last Mile in Tanzania with the Medical Stores Department (MSD) in 2010. The project sponsors decided to focus on knowledge transfer rather than more direct support from Coca-Cola (e.g. transporting drug on Coca-Cola trucks). Was this a good decision? Justify your response.
  2. Think about an alternative of piggy-backing medical supplies on Coca-Cola trucks. Coca-Cola makes plenty of profit and can surely add a few more trucks to its fleet. Critique this approach.
  3. For Coca-Cola the Micro Distribution Centers provided the last mile logistics solution in Tanzania. List the pros and cons of using MDCs for medical and drug distribution. Suggest strategies to overcome the cons that you list.
  4. The Project Last Mile website (Links to an external site.) provides information on the 8 countries where PLM has been introduced. One country, Ghana, participated in PLM 2011-2013 while the other 7 countries continue to partner with Coca-Cola.
    1. Were components of PLM incorporated into the drug distribution system in Ghana after 2013? Explore external resources to investigate why Ghana decided to leave PLM.
  5. Suggest a set of indicators for each partner in PLM – GFATM, USAID, Coca-Cola Company, BMGF – that can provide the evidence base for countries with poorly performing drug and medical supply systems to adopt the PLM approach. Suggest indicators of ‘success’ for each partner.
  6. What is the role of Coca-Cola in contributing to health problems like obesity, diabetes, tooth decay?
  7. What ethical issues are present in a partnership between an MOH and Coca-Cola?
  8. How would you market the partnership as a Minister of Health to the public at large in a given country?

I will upload the case when you agree with instructions!

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