Apple Inc.

Analysis / Research

  • This is the real “meat” of your paper
  • Identify three concepts/chapters you are interested in from our class
  • Focusing on these three concepts, present the specific facts, data, results obtained
  • Support with reference or PowerPoints material notations, numbered for specifics in Reference section
  • Five pages

The 3 concepts that we are going to talk about on the project:

  • Chapter 3: Product and Service Design
  • Chapter 6: Production Processes
  • Chapter 7: Service Process

The written portion of this project will be in length of real substance and any support materials included such as charts and graphs, tables, lists, etc. as appendices. It is to be double-spaced, typed in 12point font of either Times New Roman, Courier or Arial type, with margins of no more than 1 inch and no less than .8 inches. Pages are to be numbered.

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