Write a 6-10 page paper on the media coverage of the Hong Kong protests. Compare a big name media source like the NY times or the Wall Street Journal to Chinese state controlled media on their coverage of the protests.

1) Take the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or any 2 other major newspaper for one week, (Choose any articles written in these dates to analyze: 9 June 2019- 26 Oct 2019) highlight and cut all articles which mention the Hong Kong protests.

2) Make a list of the articles, their main topics and claims.

3) Compare the NY Times or Wall Street Journal (Big name Media source) to any China state controlled media sources in terms of a) overall frequency, b) substantive content, and c) predominant perspectives.

4) Based on these and additional sources write an interpretation of the current public perception of and the public debates on socio-economic inequalities.

**** Attached is a sample paper to use as a guide for this assignment ***


1. Introductory Overview

2. Selection of the Media

3. Period Covered

4. Hypothesis

5. Conceptual Grid

6. Unit of Analysis / Process

7. Analysis

8. Interpretation

9. Appendix

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