Project Management

Omantel = IT PROJECT

You are required to develop a strategic project plan in the form of a document not more than5000 words, excluding appendices and references. There is considerable freedom of choice for a suitable project scenario.

Tasks:With your chosen scenario: Briefly describe the initial structure as mentioned in the detail– set baseline of the project

 Create a strategic project plan with :

 A strategic project analysis exercise

 A change strategy with enough detail for:

 A business case

 Project planning and management tools

 Monitoring and control structure

 A risk reduction strategy using an appropriate approach to risk identification.

Completed Project Plan document must includeall of the following details.

  • Introduction,
  • KPI – Project Delivery
  • Risk identification,
  • Resource Plan
  • Monitoring and controlling strategy(Mile Stone, Base line, Critical Path, Float/Slack),Changes Applied on Schedule / Cost,Slack / Float after changes, Redrawn Baseline)
  • Project Status Report (Project Overview, Cost Overview, Work Overview, Resource Overview, Cash Flow, Resource Cost Overview, Task Cost Overview, Critical Task, Milestone Report)
  • Change Management Details
  • MOOC/ Online resource References and Discussion
  • Power point slide for the work

Executive Summary

Business Case Project Scope,


risk categorization,analysis,

risk managementalong with mitigation plan

Estimation Plan

Communication Plan Project Schedule (Task List, Summary Task, Predecessor linking, Resource allocation,Gantt Chart, Network analysis diagrams)

Conclusion and References( CU Harward referencing style must be followed)

Documentation Requirements

 Adopt academic conventions appropriate to a higher degree

 Avoid ‘cut & paste’ model solutions

 Use project management software (MS-Projector any other PM Software).

 You will be assessed on managerial and strategic insights, not detailed Techniques

 Don’t breach company confidentiality

 Pay close attention to assessment weighting and allocate your effortproportionately

 Try to submit coursework as a single piece, preferably in Microsoft Word


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