1. Choose one specific example of text or visual evidence from before 1800.

2. Write a short paragraph to explain how you propose to use this example as a model or influence in your future work.

3. You may add other examples of evidence if you wish to suggest the links between the first example of evidence and your own future work.

4. Expand the proposal into a longer piece of writing to more fully explain how you propose to go from A to B, where A is the historical model or models and B is your own project or future work.

5. You may include in your presentation in class one or several examples of text or visual evidence. You are not required to prepare any original design or drawings with your proposal, and should only include these if it makes it easier for you to explain your project.

My advice is to choose evidence and propose a project based on what you truly imagine might be of interest to you in your future work.

I will put my artwork below.

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