I am an Accounting major. I am seeking a bachelors of science in accounting and masters of science in taxation. I will like to start off in entry-level tax. Instructions for 2 papers, 6 to 8 pages each, below.

Company Research Report – Prepare two research reports on companies you plan to interview with in the future.You may not report on two companies in the same industry (i.e. two Big 4 firms).The purpose of this project is to simulate the sort of research you would do for a first and second interview.

Each report should be typed, double-spaced.Each report should be six to eight pages in length and include the following information:

  • GENERAL (you do not have to answer the specific questions listed – they are provided to give you examples of the type of information sought):
    • Service/Product – What does the company do?Has their service or product line changed recently?
    • Location – Is this company a local, regional, national, or international company?How many offices and/or manufacturing sites does this company have?
    • Size – How many people are employed (approx.)?How does this compare to other businesses in their field?
    • Market – Who does this company sell its product or service to?Are their customers highly specialized or diverse?Who is the competition?
    • Ownership – Who owns the company?Is the organization publicly or privately owned? Does the company own any other companies?
    • Growth potential – Are new products or services likely or can the current product or service lines be expanded into new markets?
    • Profitability – Is this company making or losing money?Are certain of the company’s products or services more profitable than others?
  • CURRENT EVENTS – Check at least three major business-oriented publications and see what is being written about this employer or industry.Summarize each article in your report (approximately one page per article).Provide copies of articles used (These copies will not count towards your six to eight pages!).
  • POSITIVE/NEGATIVE – Why would you want to work for this company?Come up with at least three positive and three negative statements about employment with this particular organization and summarize in your report (approximately one page).
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Feel free to provide any additional information you find that is relevant to your job search.
  • SOURCES – A list of sources used should be provided in addition to your report.

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