Final Paper

Written Report on proposing a start-up (new business) utilizing the following technological revolution (IoT, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing & Big Data) and its relationship to economics of information concepts

(maximum 1500 words, 6 pages (Excluding Bibliography and charts/diagrams) in Word/PDF format.

Imp: Please save the file mentioning your last/first name (Ex: Final_Jesse)

Imp: Write your name & Course name/Number inside the document.

A. How interesting the topic area is in its application to the Economics of Information (20% of Grade)

– Recommend that you choose a narrowly focused subtopic instead of writing a general report on a broad topic; there is a list of sample topics at the end of this document

It should include the following sections/components:

Grading will be based on the following criteria

A. Executive Abstract (250 words) (5%)

B. Depth of Analysis (35% of Grade)

– Analyze different approaches/perspectives of key players in the given space

– Challenges (competitor, government regulation, ethical/social/legal impact)

– Implications for Competitors, Markets and Future of economies of information

– Discuss strategies for success in the given space

C. Economic Analysis (25% of Grade)

– Focus on data that can substantiate key points

– CBA, Break-even point, ROE, Seed money,

– Revenue generating mechanism, Uniqueness/ Novelty feature

D. Quality of Presentation (across Report, and Class Presentation formats) (10% of Grade)

– Present material in an organized way

– Be direct, concise and clear

– Use visual aids to help convey your points

E. Bibliography of sources (with web links as appropriate) (5% of Grade)

Sample Topic (However, you can come up with any idea as you deem fit for economies of Information):

– streaming content delivery (movie/music/book) over the internet

– revenue generating models for service industry

– ownership of consumer profile data and its use for recommending new purchases

– Health sector

– SCM/CRM/ERP solution

– web-based customer support system at a high-tech firm

– the adoption of new online banking/financial services

– the roll-out of RFID tracking system at a manufacturer or retailer

– knowledge-management system at a large consulting firm

– “paperless” electronic document management system

– in-store product recommendation kiosks

– creating a community of gamers around a new gaming platform

– identifying the next big opportunity for outsourcing of virtual work and its implications

– next generation recommender systems

– Location based services in mobile phones: the killer app

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