This is for my History 97D class

We need to write a book report about the article she has given me and write how it involves the date 1619 and its importance within the article and world views. we also need 10 sources that need to be cited and incorporated into the essay.


-10 page (double spaced)

-12 point font

-Times New Roman

-5 primary sources (from online or ucla library)

-5 secondary sources (From UCLA only such as library or JSTOR)

-Chicago style with footnotes!!

-Cited page at the end

I also have an outline and other pdfs to help!

these are the ucla library sources to get the primary and secondary sources:!/

You can also look up UCLA JSTOR and find files please make sure its Chicago style with footnotes and a cited page at the end and write a well essay thank you! I am very easy to talk to so don’t hesitate to message me  cheers

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