Temperature patterns seen to be changing around the U.S. Winters seem shorter, summers seem hotter, and major storms seem more frequent. Let’s collect some data and look at what’s happening in your area. You can use the Weather Underground web page at www.wunderground.com to collect historical data for a particular city. The Weather Underground (www.wunderground.com) was created by a student/professor team at the University of Michigan and shortly became a public company providing current and historical weather data for the United States and other countries. At the top of the Weather Underground home page you will find a box for entering the name of a city, state or country. Enter your home city to see the current weather conditions there. Scroll down and select the History & Almanac Table in which you can enter a date to see statistics for any day from the past thirty years. Below the field where you enter a specific date you can select Calender View and see all temperatures for a specific months.

We want to collect the Max. Temperature reading for each day in your home city or a city near you in February (for cold temperatures) and August (for hot temperatures) for a minimum of 3years.

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