This is a link to the slideshow with the steps:…

You follow the steps please and the topic is about Racial inequity in the US. this is the prompt: Explain how and why humans make response choices when confronted with Youth as targets of vaping industry in today’s society and the effects or outcomes of those response choices

You need to use 8 different resources and each must be from a different article or resources. Min. of 8

Please use the academic template styling which i’m attaching… (If you’d like to)

Make sure it’s plagiarism free

its a total of 6 paragraphs including the intro and conclusion please

First go look at the slideshow with all the steps and rules on how to do it

if you have any questions please text me in here and if you wanna call I can give you my number.

Thank you

must be about 700-900 words please…

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