This is worth 5-10 points on your FINAL grade: (I increased the value since the last announcement!)

The option is to write a 3-5 page paper based around the following assignment:

go to a museum of your choice. pick two pieces of art from a time and location we have studied in class and then write about how they reflect the time and location they were from in terms of political, social, and / or cultural perspective. My suggestion is to choose two pieces of art (painting, sculpture, object) from the same time period but two different locations (to compare and contrast) or to choose two pieces from the same location but two different time periods (looking at change over time). You can turn it in on the day of the final as an uploaded word document which I will make available in the Assignments tab in the navigation bar.

In my class we have studied about The 20th Century and the Age of Globalism, Decolonization and the Unexpected End of the Cold War, Mass Politics and Ideological Shifts in the Second half of the 19th Century., WWII and the Emergence of the Cold War, World War I and the Russian Revolution,Revolution and Reaction in the 18th and 19th Century,The Age of Enlightenment

Use one of those topics above for the two pieces you choose from a museum

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