This project allows you to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts discussed in the course and the diversity of definitions and interpretations that exist in relation to them. Through synthesis of primary and secondary sources, you will apply your research to address the project option of your choice. In addition, you will need to analyze how religion affects the daily lives of practitioners. You will be given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to engage with a practitioner in a way that encourages dialogue and is respectful of his/her beliefs. You will combine personal experiences, the experiences of others, and academic discourse to create a well-balanced investigation into your chosen topic.

Option 2: Where religion and profession meet. Using your intended discipline or major, write a paper or essay that demonstrates how religion influences or interacts with how your profession is carried out, conducted.

  • Define the terms and concepts.
  • Identify key attributes of those terms or concepts you are using to discuss.
  • Select an interviewee who is in the profession and can offer perspectives or insight from that stance.
  • Identify attributes about the religion that influences the profession.

Submit a 5–7 page essay on your chosen topic. In brief, here are the topic options: Where religion and profession meet.

Your paper should have a minimum of three academic, peer-reviewed resources. It should also incorporate the interview you conducted. Refer to the Study of Religion course project description for detailed explanation of each option and the expectations and requirements for the final paper.

** I did not get a chance to do the interview, so feel free to use the questions I was going to ask and embellish  Thank you

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