Please use the attached for interview guidelines and grading guide for criteria and points assigned. I do not look for the questions to be presented from you in the assignment nor answers from the interviewee word for word . Please summarize the questions and responses.

Also be sure to include the interviewee as a source in the reference page. “Personal interview conducted with “name” on “date” is sufficient.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word interview report.

Identify whom you interviewed, their title, and years of working experience in the area of Operations Management.

Provide insights into your subject’s role and why Operations Management is vital to his/her organization.

Provide the reason for selecting the individual you chose to interview.

List the questions you asked.

Include a summary of the organization.

Give a summary of what you learned as a result of this interview.

Provide a reflection of what is important about this assignment.

Discuss any follow-up activities the person you interviewed suggested.

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