You will prepare a research proposal addressing a specific problem of interest within your field of interest.

The research proposal will consist of the following sections:

  • Title page
  • Abstract: Very clearly posed abstract that provides a summary of the research report that includes the hypothesis, the procedure, and projected results in 120 words or less.
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review (How problem has been investigated and how past research has been applied to the identified problem)
  • Statement of the problem (Why the identified problem stills needs to be investigated)
  • Guiding Theory (What theory helps to explain why the identified problem is occurring, to make an outcome predictions, and helps us to organize empirical findings in our discipline)
  • Research question, Hypothesis, and Prediction Statement
  • Methodology
  • Operational Definitions (Independent and Dependent variables for this study- How has the existing literature defined these variables and how will they be measured)
  • Subject Description (the proposed characteristics of the participants, how this sample population will be chosen)
  • Procedures (procedural steps of the research process, how the research will be conducted; and description of the proposed testing materials/ assessments or intervention that will be utilized, should include visual diagram detailing stages of research)
  • Study Survey Instrument (Describe your scale/survey and data collection process. This section should also present how your instrument has been tested for reliability and validity. You will need to include a copy of your instrument in your research proposal appendix).

Reference page (no less than 8 peer-reviewed journal articles)

  • This Research Proposal must be formatted using APA style 6th
  • Refer to Research Proposal rubric to view the expectations of this assignment
  • It should be around 7 pages and the same topic as the proposal and intro that was already done

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