The topic is: Anticipatory Regret and Counterfactual Reasoning

Requirement: The project can take one of two forms: 1) framing, analyzing, and appraising one or more challenging decisions for a decision maker (or makers) outside the class, or 2) developing a tool or process to support decision making. If a tool or process is developed, it may be one of two types: 1) for application in a specific domain or to a specific class of decisions (examples: deciding whether to purchase a vacation timeshare property; deciding where to apply to graduate school, deciding chat car to buy), or 2) for general application in decision making (examples: a tool for eliciting values; a tool for creating and analyzing prospect tables). In lieu of a project, a research paper may be accomplished as an individual effort. This must be an original paper closely related to some core course topic (see above). The research paper must conform to APA style.

Also, the research paper should include:

  1. Influence Diagram (ID) depicting your decision, Be sure your ID is accompanied by distribution trees, definitions of all nodes, and a logical description explaining the story told in the diagram.
  2. Prospect Timeline Tables for at least two of your decision prospects (updated if necessary)
  3. Some portion of your decision represented with a tree by combining distribution trees for the nodes in the diagram. You should also assign probabilities to the distribution trees in your diagram. And as part of your appraisal, also comment on the adequacy of using probability to represent the uncertainty in the distribution of possibilities represented in the tree.
  4. A quantified representation of your preferences , and your comments regarding the adequacy of the quantitative model to reflect your preferences.
  5. Include a current Appraisal using the Decision Wheel. You should also include your prior Decision Wheel appraisal graphs (0% to 100%) as an appendix to the report, for comparison to your current graph.

Length: The project report should be 8 to 10 pages and conform to APA style.

What I need: 5-slide PowerPoint, 500-word speech draft, 2400-word Research Paper, and 1-page Proposal.

Files: I will share the LINK

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