Write a minimum of 500 words answering the following questions in APA format.

1. What ideas or concepts covered in discussion or through the article synopsis you read did you find most helpful towards your understanding of administrative practice? Discuss Competing Framework Values (CVF), Discuss the four Quadrants: Collaborate, Create, Control, Compete.

2. Of the various administrative roles discussed using the Competing Values Framework, which roles do you feel you will be most comfortable with and which roles do you feel least comfortable with? Why?

3. In the readings, what skills did you find mentioned most frequently that you thought were most important to administrative practice and why? Discuss leadership role and something significant from the readings. Readings: Kadushin, A. & Harkness, D. (2014). Supervision in social work. New York: Columbia University Press. ISBN: 978-0231151764

Cameron, K. (2014). Competing values leadership. Cheltenham, UK Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar. ISBN: 978-1783477104

Burghardt, S. & Tolliver, W. (2010). Stories of transformative leadership in the human services: why the glass is always full. Los Angeles: SAGE. ISBN: 978-1412970174

4. Share a “light bulb” moment or an “Ah-Hah!” moment from any of the readings during the course. This would be an idea or concept that surprised you or impressed you in some way.

If you took this course over again, what concept/information would you pay close attention to and why? Refer to the readings above.

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