Assignment Instructions: Approach II

1.Copy and paste the following link in your internet browser.


3.The link will take you to webpage with direct access to the research paper titled,” Success Stories in Knowledge Management Systems”

4.Click on “Download button” to download the PDF version of this research paper.

5.Read the research paper thoroughly and answer the assignment questions.

6.Besides this research paper use other material also to support your answer.

7.Do not copy and paste material. Answer the questions in your own words.

8.Support each answer with minimum two scholarly references.

Assignment Question(s):

Read the research Paper thoroughly and write down a comprehensive report highlighting following Points:

a)Role of information technology and Knowledge management systems in managing knowledge. (1 Mark)

b) The components of knowledge management systems. (1 Mark)

c) Paragraph on “Knowledge management success factors” highlighted by the authors in this research paper. (200-300 Words) ( 1 Mark)

  • Summarized report on success stories of Siemens AG and Titan Industries. (400-500 Words) (2 Marks)

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