Please answer the questions. Only one paragraph needed for each part and NO source needed.


1. A new statute and subsequent administrative regulations give only a temporary license to newly licensed drivers, prohibiting late night driving and the use of cell phones and limiting the number of passengers. You ask: Should elderly drivers be subject to these same types of regulations, such as being required to take a driver’s test

2. The CDC reports that the country is facing an unprecedented epidemic of obesity in all regions. It indicates that it is doing everything within its legal authority to address the epidemic. Unfortunately it concludes there is little more that the federal government can do to fight obesity. Why, you wonder, is the federal authority to address health problems so limited

Q2. Noncommunicable diseases are on the rise in both developed and developing countries. Specifically, mental health disorders are becoming more prevalent around the world and it is predicted by the World Health Organization that by 2025, mental health disorders will be the leading cause of morbidity. Why are mental health disorders on the rise and what factors should be targeted to decrease their prevalence?

Q3. Your hometown of 100,000 is faced with a crisis as an airplane lands containing a passenger thought to have a new form of severe influenza that has recently gained the ability to spread from person to person through airborne transmission. As the mayor of the city, what do you decide to do?

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