I have attached the paper accordingly

#1- The business proposal (Describe Why and What I am Proposing for company)

#2 – The Excel sheet outlining the Budget (The Budget need, the ROI and Sensitivity Analysis)

#3 – The Script for audio I have to read from a submit (Supposed to be a 5min Audio Recorded Pitch to Management All about the project)

The tools used to proofread

#4- Rubric & Outline ( #6 is best for accessing what teach wants)

#5- Tips Teach gave us for writing Assignment (I think this one would be best to use in proofreading and making sure it meets the teachers standards )

The Assignment currently consists of

#1- 6 Double Spaced pages with 3 Large Tables within. IF YOU DELETE Tables its only 4 pages

+1 Reference Sheet

#2. Excel Document- Business Package | 2 tabs (Project Budget and Sensitivity Analysis) with 3 tabs(one called Assumptions that came with the template one of which is empty not sure if this is correct, I believe this can be left empty? )

#3. Audio Script- 1.5 Page Double Spaced Audio Script (Not sure if long enough :/)

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