First, you must read the following recent journal article on the octopus. octopus research.pdf

You may also like to look at a review of the previous article to put the information in perspective. Link (Links to an external site.)

The discussion of this paper needs to focus on the following items and keep in mind that you need to decide if this research is reliable and viable as an explanation. Make a decision as to whether or not you accept the outcomes and discuss this decision under the following parameters:

  1. Did the scientists use the scientific method and experimental design? Explain.
  2. How did technology influence their design?
  3. What type of reasoning played a part in their ultimate conclusions: was it inductive, deductive, a combination of both?
  4. What type of thought process did the scientists follow? In other words, did they follow in the tradition of the Greeks, the Romans, Copernicus, or Galileo? Or was their background more influenced by Popper?

Please make sure you follow proper essay guidelines for a research paper and include at least 4 citations for this project. Throughout the course, it has been required to use proper grammar, spelling, and APA formatting both for the works cited and within the text. Use this opportunity to pull together all the ideas from the previous units to prove your case.

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