Discussion Post 1

1. Should public law enforcement use social media sources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to interface and or spy on the public? After all, these are public sites!

2. Would law enforcement using these social media sources enhance community policing or detract from it?

3. Should your local police post arrest photos of all the adults that were arrested during the week for the public to view on Facebook? After all, these are considered to be public records.

7-10 sentences minimum

Discussion Post 2

Your assignment is based off the attached article Policing in a New Economic Environment.

The authors of these articles brought up three interesting concepts regarding the financial and political aspects of:



Privatization of law enforcement services

1. In paragraph form, please give the class your views on these three innovative and/or controversial concepts.

2. Will these concepts save the taxpayers money and enhance law enforcement and public safety? Or will they cause problems for current and or future public safety employees?

Attached is the article.

7-10 sentences minimum

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