See attached document for instructions on the book and outline for Chapter 4

There must be a minimum of 10 slides and no more than 20 slides per presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation will be based on a topic that you have been assigned by the professor in Module/Week 2. The presentation needs to follow the outline of the chapter and should include a brief introduction that provides the audience with a frame of reference, the main body of the presentation, ending with a strong conclusion slide. The goal is to engage and get your message across effectively regarding the topic.

Below are some general guidelines:

  • Keep your visuals clear and simple
  • Use simple graphics, charts and diagrams wherever possible.
  • Avoid using too many colors, patterns and graphics in one frame.
  • Use a minimum of words for text and title frames.
  • Upper and lower-case lettering are more legible than all capital letters.
  • Avoid using more than two font sizes per frame.
  • Try to maintain the same or similar font size from frame to frame.
  • Contrasting the use of color is best.
  • Keep color schemes consistent throughout the presentation.
  • Graphics – Photographs, graphs and illustrations of artwork are excellent means of communicating complex ideas, providing that they are meaningful and relevant.

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