Analyze an aspect of a film that deals with some element of the American judicial system. You are required to select and watch a film that we have not (will provide list of movies watched) watched in our class. These are five components to the paper. (1) Introduction with a thesis statement that sets forth a roadmap for where the paper is going; (2) a factual overview of the film that you have selected; (3) discuss one specific law-related theme e.g., prosecutorial misconduct, attorney client privilege, jury misconduct, etc, that is being portrayed in the film; (4) Analyze/Evaluate whether the film is an accurate portrayal or an inaccurate portrayal, discuss the filmmakers’ ultimate purpose in offering this perspective.

10-12 pg.(Not including Works Cited/Cover Sheet), Double Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt., 1′ Margins, Scholarly Sources only.

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