Some of the poets we have studied, including June Jordan, Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Aja Monet and phillip agnew focus on the ways in which societal pressures and social structures shape and in some case constrict individual experience. Choose a poet that we have not studied(Margaret Walker). Discuss their response to this predicament. What social formation does that poet focus on? A social formation refers to a society (a social structure at any level such as a nation, city, business, university, or even a family) with all its complications. What literary techniques do they use? Go to the following link for examples.

Also, does the poet suggest that liberation from that particular social formation is possible and/or desirable? If so, how?

This essay should focus on only on the poet and his/her poetry. DO NOT use outside sources or refer to anything beyond what you can prove from evidence in the poems. This essay must be 1000 words minimum.

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