Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: II. Proposal E.

Tool Applicability to Initiative: Assess the current data analytic tools for their applicability to your initiative. In other words, how well will the existing tools and technology in place work with your initiative?

F. Tool Applicability to Data: Assess the applicability of the existing tools for the data you have or will have, based on your analysis of the characteristics of that data. In other words, how fitting are the existing tools for the data, considering the various forms the data may take?

G. Tool Recommendations: This course covers many analytic tools and technologies, including their benefits and limitations for various uses and data. Recommend two tools that are not already used and could reasonably be applied to your initiative. Assess the applicability and value of these tools as they relate to your available and planned data and the goals you have established for the initiative.

For more information check the PDF file below. I chose chapter 9 in the file.

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